The Pandemic Interviews - Conversations in a Changing Time

The Pandemic Interviews - Conversations in a changing time - EP24, Part 1 - Tom Wilson

July 13, 2021

Tom Wilson is a singer/songwriter/bestselling author/story teller/visual artist and 5x Juno award winner, the most recent Juno win was in 2020 for his latest release Mohawk. His bands Junkhouse, Lee Harvey Osmond and Blackie and The Rodeo Kings; the discovery of his Mohawk heritage; writing his autobiography Beautiful Scars; his recognition as an artist, and the many projects in between, Tom has been on a voyage of discovery his entire life. An extremely busy man, it took us seven months of calendar co-ordination to get to this conversation.

Tom is one of the greatest storytellers out there today, so rather than leave too much on the cutting room floor, I’ve decided to make this a two-part conversation. Today you’ll hear Part One.

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