The Pandemic Interviews - Conversations in a Changing Time

The Pandemic Interviews - Conversations in a changing time - Ep19 - Frank Zirone

June 1, 2021

Gigging in cover bands part-time since 1968 and writing his own songs, one of them called You’re on the Radio was the start of it all.  Frank formed the band Zero-One, signed a deal with Anthem Records and recorded one album. The band was nominated for a Juno in 1981 for Best New Group before disbanding in 1982. Frank went on to form Hanover Fist in 1984 and his song, Metal of the NIght, was chosen by Eddie Van Halen as the lead song for a new movie.

Now writer, producer and director of ONES, a multi-media theatre presentation of The Beatles number one hits from 1964-1969, it's his dream and his personal tribute to a band that's had the biggest impact on his musical career.  Building the production from the ground up with the late Don MacLean and graphic designer Jain McMillan, ONES has grown from small theatres to a major production with a 22 piece orchestra. 

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